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Ashley Harris is a master stylist, who has 6 years experience in the professional field. She discovered a love for hair since she was about 5 years old. She specializes in all hair types and textures. Her background and experience has been all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area working for Great Clips, Supercuts, Regis, Blessing Hair and Beauty Salon, and Dolls of Dallas. Now, she has found her home in a beautiful private suite. Ashley loves to be creative and has a strong passion, but overall cares for the health of your hair! She's always sharpening her knowledge and skills while keeping up with the latest trends and techniques by attending hair shows, events, and business classes. 

Fun fact:

Ashley has worked behind the scenes for photoshoots and short films.

Mission Statement:

To inspire, motivate, and enhance the beauty in every woman that sits in my chair 


Breaking chains of insecurities.. Getting back to self love and self worth!